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   Terms & Conditions
   How does a non-refundable reseravtion made with a credit card work?
In case of a non-refundable reservation, we require the guest to present the card used as method of payment. If the guest presents a different card, it will be charged the original amount and the initial card used at reservation will be refunded with the full amount. In case of standard rate, payment should be made at the hotel reception. Please note that the hotel reserves the rights to pre-authorize your credit card prior to your arrival.
   What is the minimum age for making a reservation?
Hotel reservations can only be made by persons over 18 years of age possessing a valid ID with photo. If you are under 18, we need a letter from your legal guardian. Please contact us for more information.
   What are the requirements for a hotel reservation?
In order to make a reservation, please select the appropriate hotel and stay-in dates. Then click the "Search" button. On the list of available rooms, select the appropriate rate and click the "book" button and proceed to finalize your reservation. In the reservation form, please provide all the required data (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number) and your credit card number with the expiry date. If you want to make reservation via reception, please contact the hotel directly. Contact details can be found in the CONTACT tab.
   What payment methods do we accept?
All payments can be made by bank transfer, payment cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay and in cash at the hotel reception.
   LLC Partner Program
   What is the idea of the program and what does the LLC Partner Program offer?
It is a completely free of charges program aimed to acknowledge and reward loyal customers using the LBooking booking portal. The program offers to gain Reward Points that can be used to discount while shopping at partner hotel services providers. The LLC Membership provides additional privileges and may generate special occasions, exclusive to LLC Club. The VIP offers and special offers will be made available to the members via electronic communication in advance, allowing them to plan smart usage of their Reward Points for the Premium offers. Detailed information about the LLC Program can be found here.
   How to identify hotels participating in the LLC Partner Program?
1. The Program Partners that participate in The LLC Reward System are all the Hotels marked with LLC logo, visible during the room booking procedures at: Additionally, some Program Partners may choose to present the LLC logo at their own reception desks.
   How are reward points calculated and how can I pay with them?
The Reward Points are calculated at a ratio of 20: 1. For every 20 (twenty) contractual units (C.U.) expressed in one of the currencies supported by the Portal, the Participant receives 1 (one) point. The Reward Points are automatically calculated and added to user’s account 2 days (at the latest) upon the end of the stay in the hotel, and not earlier than 1 day after the end of the stay (check-out). The LLC Club Member is free to use any given amount of the Reward Points currently available in their account while using the Portal functionality “pay with points”, the discount can be up to 95%, regardless of the currency of the single transaction.
   How can I join the LLC Partner Program?
Members can join the LLC Club via: online registration via the Portal or user registration with LLC Club activation at selected Partner Hotels. This option is available hotels that have chosen to reward their guest with the LLC Reward Points, subject to hotel reception desk arrangements (the Program operator has no control over the Hotel registration process).
   Can I resign from participation in the LLC Partner Program at any time?
1. The LLC Club Members may resign from participation in the Program at any time without the need to provide the reasons. In order to cancel membership, the member should select “resign from participation in the LLC Program” option in the logged-in view of the user account.
2. Resignation from participation in the Program is tantamount to the cancellation of the account and the waiver of the entire pool of Reward Points obtained throughout the Program without the possibility of transferring these Points to another account and without the possibility of recovery of the Reward Points.
   What should I do if the points were calculated incorrectly?
To check the amount of collected reward points, contact the specialists of our technical support.
   Technical Support
   How to log on in my account?
1. Visit the login webpage.
2. Enter your e-mail address connected to your registered account.
3. Enter the access password.
4. Click the Login button.
   How can I recover my account password?
In order to recover your account password, please click the password recovery button on the login page and enter your email address assigned to your user account. After entering the data, a new password will be sent to your email address.
   I have completed the registration process, but I have not received an e-mail with an activation link, what can I do?
Check the SPAM folder in your e-mail box. Some spam filters in email boxes automatically treat this type of message as SPAM. However, if you still can't find an activation email - try to register again. Please make sure that the email address provided is correct. If you still haven't received your email contact our technical support. Please note that some e-mails may be delayed.
   I completed the entire LLC Program registration process, but still can't access my account, what should I do?
In such a case, please contact our technical support.
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